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     No HYIP last forever. For those that are wondering, HYIPs are short for High Yield Investment Programs. They are companies that offer huge amount of profits in a short amount of time. While banks and other investment accounts pay interest every month or even year, HYIPs offer to pay you interest within days. The more you put in, the more likely you are going to pay. The only catch is that every one of them will collapse and quit paying. It is also important to know that there are some HYIPs that don't pay even from the beginning. It is very important to look at a ton of different factors.

     Among the factors to look at when it comes to HYIPs is their term, the reviews, how much they pay at a time, and how long they have been in business. Most HYIPs don't last more than a month. However, there are some HYIPs that will collapse within a day. One of the reasons that they collapse in one day is that they offer a huge percentage when it comes to profits within a short amount of time. When looked at, HYIPs are a sort of Ponzi scheme in that when they pay you, it is from someone else's money. In most cases, it is the one who starts earlier than others that is likely to get a return on his investment.

     The signs that an HYIP is going to fall quickly are very easy to spot when you know what to look for. The most obvious sign of an HYIP that is not going to last is one that promises unreasonably high returns. Keep in mind that all HYIPs promise unreasonably high returns compared to banks that offer interest on your investments. Another sign that is more important to look in an HYIP that is very likely to fall is indicators on the review sites that they are listed in. If one of the sites list it as not paying, then it is most likely that this site is one to avoid. Often times, sites have a few different ratings. The ratings go from "paying", "waiting", "problem", and "not paying". If a site is listed as "problem", then it is likely not a site that is going to pay you and is therefore better to avoid. However, even sites that are listed as paying could be a risk factor to invest in because there is no telling when that could change. They could also be paying selectively.

     HYIPs are very risky in that they could go wrong at anytime for any reason. Even the most diligent investor in these programs can lose money to problem sites no matter how careful they are. When it comes to HYIPs, the best thing to do is to not invest more than you can afford. You have to consider the possibility that you will lose the money that you invest for any reason. Also, if you do lose money, don't get discouraged if it means a lot to you to profit from these programs.