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     HYIP script or software is a program that could assist  in creating and managing an investment system without difficulties. Every HYIP admin and investor needs the scripts to discharge all the duties that are expected of him. The device makes it easy for HYIP admin to interact with investors and do other things as well. There are different providers of this investment system and the prominent two among them are the and These providers add different features, which help HYIP admin to facilitate their business.

Goldcoders  HYIP Manager Script Reviews


Goldcoders provide a High Yield Investment Program script for prospective investors. With their program, it would be possible for everyone to manage and create their personal HYIP. It offers different things such as prices, security, as well as performance features, which are directed at helping their clients to achieve their objectives. 

Goldcoders script features

     It includes instant payment, automatic withdrawal, as well as mass payment. These are available at their pro version level. Other features made available by the HYIP script providers include free as well as paid rebuilt templates. Something was said about mass payment and automatic withdrawal; others include the minimum withdrawal amount. It can hold your earnings as long as you want until the program termination. Other features include a deposit to balance, internal funds transfer, as well as custom pages. It equally features an administrator, which determines the maximum sum for compounding. In addition, the administrator could define the maximal and minimum compounding percentage. Moreover, it can release the deposit prior to the duration of the plan. Compounding deposits and change in the system time feature are some of the features of Goldcoders. Furthermore, it has JavaScript calculators. This feature helps clients to determine their earnings. Moreover, it has a multilevel referral program for ten levels. Goldcoders also provide support for different payment systems such as Perfect Money, EuroGoldCash, AlertPay, LiqPay, GlobalDigitalPay, AlterGold, Webmoney, ECUmoney, StrictPay, RoutePay, GoldMoney, SolidTrustPay, Wire transfers, as well as PayPal and so on. This means that almost anybody can transact with them, because they support the major payment systems available globally. If one payment system is not available to you, you can easily find a substitute. Furthermore, the admin is now making it possible for those who want MoneyBookers, NetPay, credit cards as well as PicPay and checks to perform manual transaction.

     GoldCoders provide flexible template system. This makes it easy for anybody to change the design easily. Moreover, it makes it possible for their clients to customize the email by adding important information like the name, registration date, ecurrency account, and other useful information. Other services they provide are golden exchange, stocks manager, HYIP Lister Pro, as well as the Doubler Script.

ShadowScripts Reviews

     Another important script provider is the ShadowScripts. They provide its members with the necessary support solution and software to manage their HYIP. Other services they offer include private investment script, autosurf, Matrix, referral program, as well as re-cycler program and several others. Besides, they also offer software configuration and integration services. It provides website integration service into their system. ShadowScripts use technological devices to serve their clients. They can always provide customer with support solution and software which HYIP admin can manage various investments easily.

     The most important service from them is the technical support they offer to their customers. Their support department works closely with customers to solve their technical needs when it arises. The main aim of the customer support is to offer technical and other forms of support to their customers. Moreover, they provide design services such as animated and logo banner design, as well as full website design services. They can also provide software hosting, enterprise support package and several others services.