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What all information we gather?

     The best part is that when you access information at our site you remain anonymous. Prior to asking for information, we will like to tell you the way we use your information. We never share your confidential personal information with any third parties or companies without taking your permission.

     To gain access to some of our websites you need to register yourself, though what is actually needed is mostly your e-mail id and some of the basic information. Some of the information that we collect from the customers includes their name, website address, email and other minor personal information. There are a very few occasions when we ask for any additional information other than those mentioned above, but that too is done to understand your needs better and to make services in line with your needs. We need the information to offer valuable services that provide you full satisfaction. We also make it optional for the customers as to whether they wish to receive materials from us or not. Whenever you sign up for the electronic newsletter of the HYIP Network, there are instructions to unsubscribe are embedded in each message that we send you.

Protection of customer’s privacy

     We value your privacy and so take the required steps for your privacy protection. We never offer the customer’s details to the third parties or other companies. We always take reasonable steps to secure the confidential data of the customers. Like whenever you enter your credit card number on our site for purchasing, we strive to keep it secure and confidential. Requisite steps are taken to protect your information and the payment processor details are used only for the process of payments and not for any marketing needs. As our websites connects you to the world and offers you links to many other websites, we warn you to be careful and to review and analyse the privacy policy of the other websites before proceeding with any transaction.

Use of cookies

     As the cookies help us to know you better and to provide you with better overall experience, our various websites may utilize cookies. Cookies are very helpful for us to understand the points of interest of the visitors and to serve them better. The cookies do not track your information and so you can be tension free.The various HYIP Network websites also utilize cookies when you register with us so that it is easier to store useful information and to remember you when you get back to us.But, if you are apprehensive and disable the cookies, then also you can access most of the HYIP Network websites.

The advertisers, partners and content providers of HYIP Network

     If at any point of time, you have entered your personal information to the partners or advertisers of HYIP Network and are not aware of the purpose of such information, you can contact the companies directly by visiting their homepage. This is because HYIP Network cannot be held liable for the practices of partners and is not able to control it. The website HYIP Network has links to many other sites that do not have same privacy policies. Clicking on such ads or links directs you to a new website and they can send you cookies, to collect your information. You may misunderstood such sites as our sites as sometimes our partners also use our logo as the co-branding agreement that we enter into with the partners.

Kids and privacy

     HYIP Network will not knowingly collect any information from children or request any details. Kids are not adviced to use this website and we do not bear any responsibility on their behaviours.

Policy Changes

     HYIP Network has the right to change the policy at any time it wishes by providing or not providing the guests a notification of revision in the privacy policy.